Intergalactic Float

$ 150.00

A mischievous alien, a wise and thoughtful rabbit, and an inquisitive teddy bear... this trio is destined to bring a smile to all of the planets and galaxies they visit! Apart from traveling at light-speed, these three friends are also rather fond of holding hands, laughing and playing in their starry playground!

This listing is for a 16” X 16” framed, mounted print of original artwork. I was inspired by sc-fi and well-loved stuffed animals, the ones who travel with kids in cars and on airplanes, who sleep with them and comfort them, best friends to the end.

This frame is perfect for decorating bedrooms and playrooms of budding sci-fi lovers and future astronauts and adventurers! This item can be purchased alone or as part of our trio of sci-fi frames. Also check out our other listings for different versions of this item!

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